Ana The Imp Exposed

Does anyone here read the blog ‘Ana The Imp’? Well here’s some news for you!
There is no Ana The Imp and I should say that there is no Anastasia Constance Fitzgerald-Beaumont. She claims to be a history student(post grad) at Cambridge, but she is strangely absent from the directory of PhD researchers on the main history website for the university, nor is she listed as a fellow at <em>any</em> of the Cambridge colleges. In fact the very subject she claims to be researching isn’t even listed as a topic that any Cambridge post-grad or fellow is currently researching.
What’s more her name does not appear on the electoral register, nor is her name recognised by any official lists from the Conservative Party, though the name Anastasia Beaumont-Bott is<!–more–> readily found. This of course is the lesbian Tory who has encouraged people to vote Labour. Perhaps this is where our erstwhile blogger got her ‘name’ from? We can only guess.
However not only is her name fake; so too is her photograph.
A simple reverse image search shows that she simply uses photographs from various private and public websites and passes them off as her own.
Here one sees how an image she passed off as her own on another site was taken from some French clothing advert.
Even here one sees a photo of her riding her so-called ‘horse’ was taken from a riding website
It’s all there for the world to see.
Furthermore there is a nude photograph she uses on her website purporting to be ‘Ana As The Imp’.  The photo is indeed no of her but a photograph taken from a French pornographic website–seen here
And yet it gets worse.  She is a member of several pornographic social networking sites.  Here is how she introduces herself to the world on a site called Cuckolds.
“I’m just a fun-loving girl!

Ok, some additional information for all you curious people.

My name is Anastasia Fitzgerald and I celebrated my twenty-second birthday at the end of June ( I had a really great time!). My family home is in London though I am away at university at the moment in my final, degree year.

I am highly-sexed and love good times of all sorts. I have a boyfriend, a few years older than me, who likes to indulge my tastes for the more ‘unusual’ kinds of experience. He knows I have fantasies about having relations with older guys, and it was on his urgings that I came here. I know it’s an awful cliche but I will indeed try most things once, though I find pain, cruelty and ugliness in any form a complete turn off. I am a boring straight, though I hope I harbour no form of prejudice. It’s fun here and I’m beginning to get to know some of you really well. Enough? Probably too much!


Ana the Wild


Hey, I love it here, I love all you horny guys, but itís obvious to me, from a little basic research, that there is a slight problem. I want to be honest with you all, so you understand just exactly where I am coming from. I enjoy the social contacts; I enjoy being cultivated-but I am not going to jump into bed with guys on the basis of a brief internet relationship; precious few women would.

Yes, I love men; I love their bodies, I love their beauty and their power, and I love making them feel good about themselves; but I need to be pursued with care; to be smoothed and wooed, if you like, in the good old-fashioned sense! I am saying this just so you understand just how genuine I am: I am no ëwannabeí or pseudo-slut. If you like me, if you like what you see, be gentle, be understanding and, above all, take your time.

Love and kisses,


It’s all there for you to see here
If that wasn’t enough, here is another one of her pornographic adventures.
Here she is admitting to taking a Class A Drug
And here she is spouting anti-Semitism
Observe her comment where she refers to someone as ‘just a dead Jew’.
And yet this fraud was riding all over our faces when she’s not at Cambridge, not a member of the Conservative party and is afraid not only to use a real name but also to use a real photograph.  Who ever he or she is; he or she is a total fraud.
Contrast this with the attitude of John Duckham, a man who gives his name, address and phone number out for the world to see.  Love him or hate him; at least he is who he says he is.
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